Electric OX2: The OX2 sets a new standard in the sub-compact tractor market.


Like its beast of burden namesake the OX, this compact electric tractor has earned a reputation for getting the job done with quiet determination. In fact the 0X2 can pull and push well above its weight with ease, able to move some 3.5 tons. That is about 10 times its own mass.


With its broad stance, low center of gravity and even weight distribution, the electric tractor can handle grades and slopes that can limit the ability and safety of other tractors in its class.


Special equipment is connected out front. Whether it’s mowing a lawn or throwing snow from a path, the wheels are gripping on a cut/cleared surface. Many popular riding mowers have center mount mowing decks. When grass is compressed by their front wheels uneven and unsightly ridges can be left behind as some of the grass in the swath rebounds once the tractor has passed. Not so with the front-mounted mower deck of the 0X2.


If you need a tractor to do more than push and pull, then the 0X2 has a multi-purpose model equipped with an auto-latch system out front and controlled right from the driver’s seat. Change-out an attachment quickly and easily (in less than a minute) for the next job. Cut grass; clear snow; sweep a driveway; grade a path or tow a wagon. Even power up a corded electrical tool be it a trimmer; hedge clipper or even a chainsaw anywhere the 0X2 and the cord connection can reach.