• QUIET OPERATION – 72 dB at operator’s ear (similar to the noise of a microwave oven or the noise level heard inside a car traveling at 30 mph (50kph).
  • NO EMISSIONS – battery powered electric motors mean no exhaust odors or greenhouse gases. This makes for noticeably greater comfort and health for the operator and others nearby.
  • NO HEAT or VIBRATION – without an internal combustion engine, driver comfort is enhanced and fatigue is lessened.
  • STRENGTH – push or pull over 3.5 tonnes on a flat, smooth surface.
  • SAFETY – instant on/off switch for the tractor and attachments such as the cutting mower deck’s rotating blades.
  • CONVENIENT START/STOP – no start-up warming or idling before shutdown as with diesel motors and as recommended with many gas powered tractors.
  • LOW RUNNING COSTS – operating savings upwards of $5.00 per hour compared to gas powered tractors. (based on 144 hrs annually).
  • LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS – no engine fluids and filters, no engine overhauls; only regular battery charging, checks of tire pressure and wear, battery fluid levels.
  • LOW REPAIR COSTS – no chains, belts, pulleys, spark plugs, crankshafts.
  • NO FUEL STORAGE – no handling of gas or oil and insurance premiums to cover risk of environmental spills.
  • AUTO LATCH SYSTEM – less than 1 minute to change attachments.
  • POWER SOURCE FOR CORDED ELECTRIC TOOLS – an optional AC inverter supplies 110/120V power outlet for electric weed-eaters, trimmers, leaf blowers, drills and chainsaws.