The Best Tractors Are All About Traction

The best tractors are all about ‘traction’… the ability to pull or push more than their weight, easily!

Don Carr, President of Electric Tractor Corp. states that when it comes to traction, his company’s small electric utility tractor has a grip like no other. “Our 0X2 tractor is designed from the wheels up to be all electric. Each of the rear wheels has its own independent direct drive motor, synchronized by an electronic differential. This efficient design delivers agility, torque and traction that is safe, dependable, easy to control and inexpensive to operate.”

The two drive motors take their orders from an on-board computer for intelligent and precise performance. The electric tractor humbles gas powered units in pushing, towing, mowing and throwing (in the case of snow) applications particularly at low speeds. Because there are no mechanical linkages like those required in gas powered engines to transmit energy to the drive wheels, there is no loss in power and efficiency. On the 0X2, power is supplied from the drive motors directly to the wheels. The electrical wiring harness delivers energy from lead/acid batteries balanced over both the front and rear wheels. The result is no loss of power to the drive wheels as well as better weight distribution for traction and steering control. With independent drive motors, the back wheels can assist turning. More power is delivered to the wheel with the greatest grip.

Less slippage, better traction!

This design possible by the electronic differential is the reverse of the standard two wheel drive design used with many gas powered tractors. Sending more power to the wheel with the greatest slippage doesn’t really make sense.

The electric tractor is more than a clean, quiet work machine. Electronic control to independent drive motors, distributed weight and a low center of gravity means a platform and power unit that performs on command and with surprising ease. To learn more about the new generation Electric 0X2, visit the company’s website at

Electric Tractor Corp. is a manufacturer of off-road electric utility vehicles. The company intends to launch its new generation electric tractor in 2015. ETC is a registered Wyoming public company. It is also filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.