The eTractor Fresh Air Fund

Electric Tractor Corp. (ETC) supports projects for the improvement of air quality and the restoration, preservation or enhancement of green space by communities and organizations.

Community groups, nature centers, botanical gardens and parks play an important role in developing healthy plant ecosystems as natural oxygen generators and air pollutant filters.

Richard Zirger, Chairman and CEO of Electric Tractor Corp. announced the Company’s annual commitment to recognize exceptional ‘green’ initiatives through a one- time donation from ETC’s eTractor Fresh Air Fund.

Mr. Zirger stated: “For every 0X2 tractor sold, the Fund will grow by $50.00. Each spring, money accumulated in the Fund during the previous calendar year will be awarded to a selected number of non-commercial, environmental projects and organizations that positively impact air quality and ‘greenscape’”.

Electric Tractor Corp. is a manufacturer of off-road electric utility vehicles. The company intends to launch its new generation electric tractor in 2015. ETC is a registered Wyoming public company. It is also filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.