The First Evolvable Tractor-For Impressive Ownership Economics

For Impressive Ownership Economics

Electric Tractor Corp. intends to make obsolescence obsolete!

What started as a project to simplify assembly of its new generation electric utility tractor, the engineering team at Electric Tractor Corp. has created something much more significant for its customers, the environment and possibly for its industry.

The engineers set about to design a modular electric tractor. This way the new tractor could assembled quickly and efficiently right here in North America. Being so much closer to its largest market ETC would greatly reduce its environmental footprint.

What they also discovered with a modular design was a new way to stretch the working life of its electric tractor. Should owners of its new model, called the 0X2, want the features of the latest model say to be introduced in 2016, they can simply upgrade the electronic controller or the part in question of their 2015 model 0X2, be it a new drive motor, console display, a sun roof, maybe even a new towing hitch unit.

Douglas Galbraith, ETC’s Vice President of Market Development noted: “There is no pressing need to ‘trade in an aging tractor to access the newest features. Just buy the features and capabilities that are available on the newer year model as an upgrade.”

He continued: “In an era of disposable technology, there is an environmental cost when we pitch out an appliance or a smart phone because it’s cheaper to replace than to repair? Obsolescence is too often built into a product, so we have to buy new…again and again. The Electric 0X2 is a clean break from this ‘throw-away’ consumer behavior.”
ETC’s ‘evolutionary ‘approach is truly ‘revolutionary’!

Resources can be saved at every level by extending the life of the tractor and increasing its resale value along the way. Now that’s Sustainability!