The more you use it the more you save. Running and maintenance costs are a fraction of comparable gas-powered tractors.

The 0X2 base model is expected to retail for $6,500 before tax and delivery. Attachments such as a mower deck, grader or snow thrower are priced separately. Competitive with sub-compact garden tractors the 0X2 delivers clear economic advantage to a business that demands hundreds of hours of running time annually.

Lawn care services, organic produce farmers, greenhouse operators or an auto service center can generate savings from lower running costs compared to a gas powered tractor. The operating savings over 2 years of use can exceed the purchase price of the 0X2.

Home owners needing a tractor that is both multi-season and multi-purpose can also experience savings. The 0X2 used just 4 hours a week will generate hundreds of dollars of savings in operating costs each year over gas powered tractors. Double your weekly use and double the comparative savings!

The 0X2 is designed to last. With its modular design, upgrades are a simple way to extend the service life of the unit. Every year that an owner can delay the purchase of a new tractor means money in the bank. With lower running and maintenance costs along the way, owning the 0X2 makes sound financial sense.

The right tractor decision for the environment and for driver experience can also be the right economic choice. That’s real ‘value’!